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Natural Beauty

Your future starts NOW!

Grow Your Vision

Welcome To Your FUTURE! We were expecting you! There is a need for your level of expertise in the beauty industry, The morning anchor on the news that you watch all the time has need of about the bank teller that is always complimenting you on your undeniable swag... yep she is a potential  client as well! Together we can paint the entire world the color "BEAUTIFUL"! We are excited to not only educate you, but to help build your business one brick at a time.  When you graduate from FBBA, you will be ready to launch out into the deep with a solid foundation. SO COME ALONG FOR THIS INCREDIBLE RIDE!

Hair Supplies

About Finetta Barber and Beauty Academy

We are an elite team of professionals that have served in the beauty industry over 40 years. Our goal is to educate, inspire and build each individual that we have an opportunity to pour into. It is our desire to create the leaders of this industry. The definition of Finetta is "JEHOVAH INCREASES" , and increase WE SHALL!

Our Courses

Learn How to Be a Beauty Professional Today

Manicured Nails

Nail Tech


Hair Cut

Cosmetology Program


Barber Grooming

Barbering Program


Facial Massage

Esthetician Course


Young Teacher

Instructor Course


Woman Hair Stylist

Cross over for barber & cosmetology


Artificial Lashes

Eyelash Extensionist


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