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About Finetta Beauty Academy

This Is How Our Story Began

The way that I look at the world has never been simply, "black and white" I have always seen things in vivid color! This makes me look at things totally different. In essence I see beauty everywhere, even in the places that are filled with ashes. I am all things beauty be it eyelash extensions, barbering, make up, I love it all!


It has brought me great joy to be the proud owner and founder of such a prestigious Institute. I am a teacher at heart and have a yearning to give until I am empty, watching people grow as I release what has been given to me. Only to be replenished with more knowledge and do it all over again. The things that are important to me are being a good steward of the precious lives that God has placed in our educational care. We have adopted the phrase "NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND" and that is exactly how we teach, leaving no one behind. I believe there is a level of  safety in building economic success in our communities. There is nothing like being able to be independent and free. WE WILL CREATE THE SECTOR THAT GIVES THE HELP, NOT THE ONES WHO NEED THE HELP. Through our partnership with financial institutions, we teach a financial literacy class along with other business building modules to guarantee if followed, SUCCESS! Over the years I have won several awards for being, "The Picasso" of the beauty industry. In my hand a pair of shears has the same worth as a basketball in the hands of Micheal Jordan! Here at Finetta Barber and Beauty Academy we are definitely creating LEADERS AND STAR PLAYERS! 


I am truly Grateful

Isahia 61:3


Mrs. Etta Whitley



My name is Leah Smith

Cosmetology Instructor

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